Vector Portrait - Tuscan Sun
One of my favorite things to do is draw people. I also love using a vector style that allows me to explore a technique I have developed inspired by Patrick Nagel. Typically I like to create pop-art using famous people or characters. With this series I wanted to capture something more personal. I have gone through my own archive of candid photos to find moments of time I remember fondly. This series comes from a trip I took to Tuscany, Italy with my family. The memory of the rich food, the colors of the buildings, the warmth of the sky and the company I kept still inspire me today. 

Each image starts with a rough sketch drawn on my iPad with the an Apple pencil in Procreate. This is the most natural and comfortable drawing experience I have found. When the it's finished I port it over to Illustrator and work on the line art. I have been using the pen tool for so many years that I prefer it the most when tracing over my drawings. When that is finished I use a combination of coloring techniques that include live paint, the knife tool and pathfinder to separate the highlights and shadows.
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